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Friday, January 22, 2021

Write to success a Writer.

Write to success a Writer.

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In the preceding sections, you learned what you can expect from college and identified strategies you can use to manage your work. These strategies will help you succeed in any college course. This section covers more about how to handle the demands college places upon you as a writer. The general techniques you will learn will help ensure your success on any writing task, whether you complete a bluebook exam in an hour or an in-depth research project over several weeks.

One key to succeeding as a student and as a writer is setting both short- and long-term goals for yourself. You have already glimpsed the kind of short-term goals a student might set. Crystal wanted to do well in her Foundations of Education course, and she realized that she could control how she handled her weekly writing assignments. At 20 percent of her course grade, she reasoned, those assignments might mean the difference between a C and a B or between a B and an A.

SyllabusWeek 1Preparing to apply welcome to Week 1In this section, Careers Advisor Katie Casserly welcomes learners and introduces the objectives for the course. Understanding yourself before making an application, it's important to, first of all, reflect on the skills that you have to offer. Understanding jobs and courses analyzing job adverts or course descriptions effectively will enable you to match your skills to their requirements. Making the match learn how to promote yourself through positive writing and make the recruiter or admissions tutor want to know more about you. Summary of the week at the end of the week, we sum up what we have covered and take a glimpse into next week. Week 2CVs and covering letters welcome to Week 2In this section, Katie describes how to use the information from last week to create a stunning CV and covering letter. Create effective CVCVs may be requested as part of the application process. In this section, we provide tips to help you create your own CV to provide a positive first impression. Develop a professional online profileMany employers use social media to advertise jobs and find new recruits. Learn how to use social media to your advantage to raise your profile and promote yourself. Sell yourself in your covering letter good covering letter will encourage a recruiter to read your CV or application. In this section, we will look at how to write a covering letter to market yourself effectively. End of week summary sees what you have learned from our end of the week quiz. Hilary will also sum up what has been covered this week. Week 3Application forms and personal statements welcome to Week 3Katie introduces the final week of the course, which looks at how to complete application forms for jobs, placements, or academic study. Outstanding application forms learn how to become a STAR applicant as we share our top tips for answering some of the most common types of application form question.Brilliant personal statementsFaced with a blank page on which to write about yourself? With the help of employers and admissions tutors we explore how to write a brilliant personal statement.End of course summaryTo sum up our learning from the last three weeks, our recruiters give their top tips for avoiding the 'No' pile. Take our end of course quiz to test your learning.

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